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The experts were way low again on 2024 Equity forecasts...Surprise, they've revised up significantly!

I think many of us out in the everyday world already know that prices of everything continue to climb and housing in Chester County is certainly not immune.  Read my blog by clicking HERE:

The shocking amount of Equity in personal residenes in Chester County

More than 2/3rds of homeowners have MORE THAN 50% equity in their home's value.  And that's a ton of Equity in 2024!  See my blog info here

How has Chester County's 2024 Market Started? It's safe to say the equity in your home is safe!

Of course, not all property at all prices always climbs in value, but if the first weeks of 2024 are an indication, this year is likely to be good for home values.  READ Josh's Blog Here

So Homeownership is a 40X return on investment?! Can that be right?

Own versus rent is just a preference, it's an investment strategy.  READ THIS!  Josh's Blog 

Still a good time to sell a home in Chester County? You bet it is!

With the seasonal dip in available inventory, and even better, a sharp drop in interest rates, selling a home in the next few months is ideal timing for 2024.  SEE THE FACTS; CLICK HERE

Home value appreciation likely to continue for years to come

Here are the National projections.  Chester County values show every sign of eclipsing these projections.  See the story by clicking here:  READ ABOUT IT.

Your listing agent absolutely must have these skills in 2023's market

The market is changing rapidly.  Early October isn't even anything like early September's market.  Chester County available, subtracting the new home inventory and futures is up by 50% year to date.  Here are skills I've earned over decades: Click below for the story.


Are there really more homes coming on the market in Chester County?

Take a look at the trend line nationally and its implications here: MORE INVENTORY?


Exactly why is the housing inventory so low?1

The surprising reality is discussed in my blog today.  Read why this issue may not be resolved quickly or even in years here.

Why is it so hard to find a great home in Chester County right now?

It's sort of a great problem to have versus the alternative.  It comes down to this one word.  Click on this word in RED:  JOBS

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